Spa Therapy & Massage

Spa Therapy and Massage at Redland Treatment Rooms

At Redland Treatment Rooms, you can choose from one of our many indulgent and relaxing full or part body treatments.

Too often body treatments are considered a luxury, or solely for pampering and are not treated as another practice of skin health using only proven and trusted Dermalogica ingredients.

At Redland Treatment Rooms, we listen with our hands during your treatment. Spa therapy and massage draws out impurities with thermal stamps, whisks away dead skin cells and clears breakouts through back purification. Your neck, and décolleté are often ignored along with your hands and these areas are usually the first places to display premature ageing – we can improve their appearance with our luxurious treatments ideal for sunburned or irritated skin.


Service Price
Sweedish Back Massage

A deep tissue massage to loosen your over exerted and stressed muscles on your most vulnerable areas – your back, neck and shoulders (30 Minutes)

Full Body Deep Tissue

Relax, unwind and relieve your body from stress. This deep tissue massage will help to loosen your over exerted and stressed muscles (60 Minutes)

Indian Head Massage

Relieve the tension from your scalp, neck and face with soothing essential oils and the use of pressure point massage (30 Minutes)


Ease away the tension from your mind and body with this heavenly massage. A unique blend of heated oils are applied leaving your mind, body and spirit deeply relaxed (75 Minutes)

Back Purification

De-stress your ‘hard to read’ area with this essential treatment. A deep cleansing scrub sloughs off dead skin cells, readying your skin for removal of impurities and toxins, followed by a stimulating aromatic mask and massage. This will leave you refreshed and relaxed (30 Minutes)

Deep Thermal Stamp Massage

Sheer indulgence – This treatment utilises a unique fabric stamp filled with skin benefiting properties that will help to detoxify, de-stress, remineralise and nourish, followed by a deep pressure point massage. This treatment will relieve aching muscles and leave you feeling totally relaxed.  (70 Minutes)

Mud massage Therapy

A luxurious treatment. A deep exfoliation combined with an invigorating and detoxifying seaweed wrap that helps to draw out impurities, stimulate circulation and remineralise your skin  (70 Minutes)