Facials at Redland Treatment Rooms

At Redland Treatment Rooms, we use only the best Dermalogica skin products.

Whether you are concerned about your skin ageing, sensitivity, or if you have acne prone skin, try one of our customised facials and discover the difference that Dermalogica can make for you. Our unique facial treatments and product lines achieve effective and immediate results for all skin types and conditions.

Read more about Dermalogica and it’s benefits here.

To find out more about non-surgical face-lifts, visit our Acupuncture treatment page.

Service Price
Express Facial

For ‘first time’ facial clients, teenagers, or for when ‘time is of the essence’. An introduction to the Dermalogica products (45 Minutes)

Revitalising Facial

Perfect for dull, tired looking skin. A deep exfoliation to help revive that sluggish look, combined with a unique blend of aromatherapy oils to help nourish, rehydrate and put a bright, radiant look back into your skin (60 Minutes)

Medicated Cleansing Treatment

Recommended for oily, congested or problem skin. A deep cleansing treatment that targets unwanted blemishes and further breakouts without irritating your skin (75 Minutes)

Ultra Calming Facial

Designed to soothe, calm and repair your delicate skin. This treatment will help to reinforce the protective barrier of your skin that’s aggravated by daily stresses – dramatically reducing redness and skin irritation.  (60 Minutes)

Age Smart

A luxurious facial for ageing and sun damaged skins. The latest in skin technology – using AHA’s to help stimulate collagen that will brighten and boost the youthfulness of your skin. This facial delivers immediate results. (80 Minutes)

Microzone Treatment

A 30 minute treatment that helps target specific concerns to achieve rapid results. Ideal for solving your skin care concerns between professional skin treatments or for when your are short on time. (30 Minutes)

Eye Treatment

Reduce the signs of stress and fatigue (around your eye and lip areas). This oxygenating treatment helps to sooth tired eyes, reduce puffiness and fine lines, giving you brighter looking eyes. This treatment can be incorporated into any facial. (25 Minutes)


Spa Therapy & Massage

Spa Therapy and Massage at Redland Treatment Rooms

At Redland Treatment Rooms, you can choose from one of our many indulgent and relaxing full or part body treatments.

Too often body treatments are considered a luxury, or solely for pampering and are not treated as another practice of skin health using only proven and trusted Dermalogica ingredients.

At Redland Treatment Rooms, we listen with our hands during your treatment. Spa therapy and massage draws out impurities with thermal stamps, whisks away dead skin cells and clears breakouts through back purification. Your neck, and décolleté are often ignored along with your hands and these areas are usually the first places to display premature ageing – we can improve their appearance with our luxurious treatments ideal for sunburned or irritated skin.


Service Price
Sweedish Back Massage

A deep tissue massage to loosen your over exerted and stressed muses on your most vulnerable areas – your back, neck and shoulders (30 Minutes)

Full Body Deep Tissue

Relax, unwind and relieve your body from stress. This deep tissue massage will help to loosen your over exerted and stressed muscles (60 Minutes)

Indian Head Massage

Relieve the tension from your scalp, neck and face with soothing essential oils and the use of pressure point massage (30 Minutes)


Ease away the tension from your mind and body with this heavenly massage. A unique blend of heated oils are applied leaving your mind, body and spirit deeply relaxed (75 Minutes)

Back Purification

De-stress your ‘hard to read’ area with this essential treatment. A deep cleansing scrub sloughs off dead skin cells, readying your skin for removal of impurities and toxins, followed by a stimulating aromatic mask and massage. This will leave you refreshed and relaxed (30 Minutes)

Deep Thermal Stamp Massage

Sheer indulgence – This treatment utilises a unique fabric stamp filled with skin benefiting properties that will help to detoxify, de-stress, remineralise and nourish, followed by a deep pressure point massage. This treatment will relieve aching muscles and leave you feeling totally relaxed.  (70 Minutes)

Thai Massage

Carried out by a Thai Practitioner (60 Minutes)

Mud massage Therapy

A luxurious treatment. A deep exfoliation combined with an invigorating and detoxifying seaweed wrap that helps to draw out impurities, stimulate circulation and remineralise your skin  (70 Minutes)


Waxing and Tinting

Waxing and Redland Treatment Rooms

Waxing makes your hair regrowth slower and reduces the sensitivity sometimes caused by shaving or using other chemical depilatories.

You should ensure that your hair to be waxed is a minimum of around 1cm so that the wax will take to the hair effectively. This is normally around 2 weeks post-shaving growth or 4-6 weeks post waxing. As a perfecting touch after your wax, a soothing tea tree lotion is applied to nourish and calm your skin, helping it to recover quickly from your waxing treatment.

Hot wax is used and new customers are required to have one 24 hour patch test.

Service Price
Brow Reshape £12
Lip or Chin £8
Brow, Lip and Chin £22
Brow Tint £7
Eyelash Tint £15
Brow Reshape, Tint and Lash Tint £30
Bikini Wax £15
Thong Wax £18
Brazillian £26
Hollywood £32
Underarm  £10
Full Arm £15
Abdomen £5
Half Leg Wax £16
Full Leg Wax £23
Half Leg and Bikini £27
Full Leg and Bikini £36
Full Leg and Brazillian £45
Full Leg and Hollywood £50
Half Leg and Brazillain £40


Tanning at Redland Treatment Rooms

A beautiful sunless tan applied by a therapist, with depths of colours to suit all skin types.

No stickiness and a Pleasant Fragrance

At Redland Treatment Rooms, we are very proud of the results of our sunless tan – we can adapt the colour to suit your needs; from brides (natural), to body builders (very dark).

Please complete any hair removal, exfoliate and moisturise the day before your tan appointment. On the day of your tan, wear loose fitting dark clothing and flip flops. Please do not wear any cosmetics (we will give you time to remove any makeup), moisturisers or deodorants.

Service Price
Full Body £25
Half Body £15

Looking after your tan

Straight after your treatment we recommend that you:

  • Leave your spray tan for at least 8 hours before showering or taking a bath. This gives your tan a chance to fully develop.
  • Avoid wearing socks or shoes after your tanning session as sweating can inhibit the development of your tan. Sandals and flip flops are a good choice of footwear.
  • Avoid applying moisturiser or deodorant for 8 hours.
  • All swimming, showering and vigorous exercise must be avoided for at least 8 hours.
  • Don’t sit on light coloured leather or fabrics until after taking a shower or bath as the colour guide can cause discolouration.
  • Don’t shave until 12 hours after your treatment.
  • Remember don’t panic if you see colour in your shower or bath water. This is just the colour guide and washing off will reveal your fabulous colour underneath.


To maintain your sunless tan we recommend that you:

  • Moisturise regularly because hydrated skin is essential for maintaining a longer life to your tan.
  • Avoid long hot baths and showers as this can fade your tan.
  • Pat your skin dry after a bath or shower because rubbing your skin may take off your tan.
  • Avoid swimming pools or sea water as this can fade your tan.
  • Take care when exercising as sweating may cause your tan to fade unevenly.

Ji River AcupunctureJi River Final Logo

We offer weekday, weekend and evening acupuncture treatments from two fully qualified practitioners. As well as using Traditional Chinese Medicine, we integrate the very important work of Japanese masters, using diagnosis through palpation. This gives instant feedback to the patient and practitioner, as well as a measure as to the effectiveness of every treatment.

What’s unique about Japanese Acupuncture? 

  • We use virtually painless needling techniques with the smallest gauge needles available.
  • Japanese acupuncture combines classical Chinese medical theory with modern pathophysiology to give a new way of looking at patients conditions.
  • Patient always receives a front and back treatment, maximising the treatment time.
  • We use palpation of the abdomen, neck and back as a major part of diagnosis to find ‘reflexes’, which are areas of tenderness or pain.
  • We then test these reflexes against associated acupuncture points. When the correct points are found, immediate relief is often felt by the patient in the reflexes.
  • This means that treatments are based on practical findings and both the practitioner and patient receive positive feedback from the body on the effectiveness of the treatment before needling any points.
  • We are also able to test the reflexes against your symptoms, such as injuries, areas of pain, headaches, breathing difficulty e.t.c
  • This process allows us to discover the underlying root of your symptoms, as well as treating you constitutionally, so that the body can heal optimally.

Find out more about Lawrence and Ferne, acupuncture and prices at www.jiriveracupuncture.com

Lawrence Rook, BSc Hons

Lawrence Rook, BSc Hons

Ferne Brewster, BSc Hons

Ferne Brewster, BSc Hons

Why not complete your special day with one of our bespoke packages?

Service Price
Yummy Mummy

Revitalising facial & deluxe pedicure

Bride to Be

Multivitiamin facial, deluxe back treatment, basic Jessica manicure & pedicure

Couples Massage

Full body massage (75 mins)

Wrinkle relaxers / Botox

Please call or pop in to Redland Treatment Rooms for more details


Hand & Foot Care

Hand and Foot care at Redland treatment Rooms

Jessica Hands and Feet

At Redland Treatment Rooms we use Jessica nail products to achieve and maintain naturally beautiful nails.

Just as there are different types of hair and skin, there are also different types of nail and each type requires individualised treatment. Choose from our large range of base coats to customise your manicure.

Movie stars, models and VIPs are renowned for regularly having their nails manicured and feet pedicured with the famous Jessica brand.

Jessica GELeration

All the beauty of Jessica but in a gel!

With the health of your natural nails in mind, the Jessica GELeration nail formula delivers a long lasting, flawless finish that drys in seconds whilst protecting the growth of your natural nails.

Shellac Treatments

We also provide a CND Shellac™ manicure which delivers 14+ day flawless wear, superior color and mirror shine with zero dry-time and no nail damage.

Available in a selection of trend-setting shades that can be layered together to make infinite options, CND Shellac is a true innovation of chip-free, extended-wear nail color!

Service Price
Jessica Spa Manicure

A pampering hand and cuticle treatment to solve the problem of dry, brittle or damaged nails. Includes hot mittens, massage, shape and polish (60 Minutes)

Basic Manicure

Nail soak, cuticle care, shape and polish (40 Minutes)

Nail Tidy

Nail shape and polish for your hands (15 Minutes)

Deluxe Spa Pedicure

Put the bounce back into your step with this luxury foot treatment. Includes hard skin removal, hot booties, massage, shape and polish. (60 Minutes)

Basic Pedicure

Soak, cuticle care, shape and polish (40 Minutes)

Toe Tidy

Nail shape and polish for your feet  (20 Minutes)

Shellac / GELeration
Applied to your natural nail to help strengthen weak and brittle nails. Dries instantly. (40 Minutes)
Shellac / GELeration Soak Off Removal 

Comes with a mini manicure

Shellac / GELeration Soak Off Removal with Polish

Comes with a mini manicure and polish


Read more about Jessica Nails on their website.

Read more about CND Shellac on their website.

Men’s Treatments

Mens treatments available at Redland Treatment Rooms

At Redland Treatment Rooms we provide a multitude of different treatments for men.

Waxing is the most popular male treatment and not as painful as you may envisage. Afterwards, a tea tree lotion is applied to calm and soothe the skin.

If you feel like you may have overdone it at the gym or work, then you may benefit from one of Redland Treatment Room’s intensely therapeutic massages. Prescribed to ease tense shoulders, back knots and aches, we use a blend of essential oils to supercharge the stress-relieving benefits, restoring your sense of well-being.

When you visit Redland Treatment Rooms, you will be seen by a Dermalogica skin therapist who will diagnose any of your skin concerns and prescribe a home care and treatment regime to deliver your optimum skin health in your 14 unique zones. We provide professional treatment is for all skin types and conditions.

Service Price
Dermalogica Facial and Head Massage Included (60 Minutes) £50
Back, Neck and Head Massage (30 minutes) £35
Full Body Deep Tissue Massage (60 minutes)
Thai Massage (60 minutes) £45
Brow Reshape Wax £9
Back and Shoulder Wax from £25
Abdomen and Chest Wax £25